History and evolution of motorways

History and evolution of motorways


Welcome to our article on the history and evolution of highways. In this text, we will explore the construction of the world's first highway, its age, definition, and the way in which toll roads were sold in 1972. Join us on this journey through the past and present of these important communication routes.

Construction of the world's first highway

The history of highways dates back to the 1932th century, when the world's first highway was built. This innovative communication route was inaugurated in Germany in XNUMX and is known as the Autobahn. It was a milestone in civil engineering and laid the foundation for the development of the modern highways we know today.

Age and definition of highways

Highways, also known as highways or high-speed roads, are communication routes designed for fast and safe vehicle traffic. These roads are characterized by having multiple lanes, physical separation between the directions of traffic, controlled access and the absence of level crossings. Its main objective is to streamline the transport of people and goods, reducing travel times and improving road safety.

In terms of their age, highways have experienced significant growth in recent decades. As the demand for transportation has increased, new highways have been built around the world to meet the mobility needs of society.

The sale of turnpikes in 1972

In 1972, an important event in the history of highways took place: the sale of the first toll roads. Prior to this time, highways were financed and run by the government. However, due to the need for investment in road infrastructure, it was decided to sell some highways to private companies.

This measure generated controversy and debate, since some considered that the motorways should be a public service and not be in private hands. However, the sale of the toll highways made it possible to obtain the necessary funds for their expansion and maintenance, thus guaranteeing their good condition and operation.

Frequent questions

1. What was the first turnpike sold in 1972?

The first toll highway sold in 1972 was the Autopista del Atlántico, located in Spain. This motorway connects the cities of Madrid and La Coruña, and was one of the first to be managed by a private company.

2. What is the oldest highway in the world?

The Autobahn in Germany is considered the oldest motorway in the world. It was inaugurated in 1932 and has been a model for highway construction in other countries.


In short, highways have evolved significantly throughout history. From the construction of the world's first highway in Germany to the sale of toll roads in 1972, these communication routes have played a fundamental role in the development of society and the economy. Although controversies have arisen around their management, highways continue to be an essential part of our road infrastructure. We hope this article has been informative and has given you a broader view of the history and evolution of highways.

We would love to hear your opinion! What do you think about the sale of turnpikes? Do you think highways should be managed by the government or by private companies? Leave us your comments and join the conversation.

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