Engine oil change: everything you need to know!

Engine oil change: everything you need to know!

What is an engine oil change?

An oil change is not a simple maintenance procedure where the lubricating oil is removed from the engine and replaced with new, clean oil of the same type, hence the term "oil change".

This procedure is essential to ensure that the engine is always properly lubricated and to minimise dirt in the oil. Particles and metal debris that penetrate the oil can actually increase wear onmechanical components, potentially causing problems for delicate internal engine parts.

How often should the engine oil be checked?

Modern cars are equipped with a large number of sensors that, among other things, always check the engine oil level. This is because if a hose ruptures causing a leak, the engine must be shut down immediately to prevent it from running without good lubrication.

Even in the age of modernity it is wise to check the engine oil at least once every two months and before every long journey. It is often the case that people go on holiday with a low oil level.

In the best case scenario, they stop at a gas station and refill. In the most unfortunate cases the engine is seriously damaged and the holiday is ruined.

When is the engine oil changed?

The engine oil change should be carried out meticulously according to the manufacturer's instructions. Here again, technology comes to our rescue because modern cars warn us when the change is necessary either by the number of kilometers or by the time elapsed since the previous change.

As mentioned before, regardless of the technology, it is still a good practice to read your car's owner's manual. Inside it always lists the manufacturer's suggested maintenance schedule with oil change intervals.

In the article on when to change your engine oil we discuss engine oil change intervals in more detail.

How much does an engine oil change cost?

An engine oil change is perhaps the best investment in the value of the car you can make in terms of return per euro spent. A good motor oil costs around 5-7 euros per litre. Considering that the most common engines require 4 litres of oil, we will only need about twenty euros for an engine oil change.

Logically, if you go to a garage and have the mechanic change the engine oil, the prices will increase. We always talk about less than 100 euros which is still the best money spent on the health of our car.

For more information about the costs of this procedure we recommend you to read our article about oil change costs and oil change plus filter.

What is the best oil to change the engine oil?

It would be good to be able to give an absolute answer to the question of what is the best oil for the oil change. The choice of the best oil depends on the engine installed in the car, the age of the car and many other factors.

That is why DIY is not always the best option. By relying on a competent garage you can be sure that the mechanic will select the most suitable oil for the specific car you have brought.

We should also remember that the problem of counterfeiting also affects the automotive lubricants sector. Therefore, we are wary of super bargain offers and little-known dealers. Spending a few euros less could be fatal for the engine and cause thousands of euros of damage.

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