where are hyundai cars made

where are hyundai cars made
Hyundai operates the world's largest integrated automobile manufacturing facility in Ulsan, South Korea which has an annual production capacity of 1.6 million units. The company employs about 75,000 people worldwide.

Where are Hyundai cars made in USA?

Hyundai's plant in Montgomery, Alabama, produces the Sonata and will soon be home to the compact Elantra. The Santa Fe, formerly built in Alabama, makes a short trip east and is now built in Kia's West Point, Georgia, facility alongside the Kia Sorento.

What Hyundai cars are made in the USA?

Team members at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama proudly assemble the Hyundai Elantra sedan, the Santa Fe and Tucson SUVs, and our first-ever Santa Cruz Sport Adventure Vehicle.

Does Hyundai manufacture cars in the US?

Made in the USA: 80 Percent of Hyundai's U.S. Vehicles to Be Born Here. Hyundai may be a Korean automaker, but it has an ever increasing footprint here in America. With sales momentum on its side, Hyundai is prepared to produce 80 percent of its vehicles for sale in the United States within our country.

Where are Hyundai cars manufactured?

Hyundai cars are built in Ulsan, one of the biggest metropolitan districts in Seoul, Korea. Hyundai has also opened locations in the United States and around the world. Its manufacturing plant in Montgomery, Alabama produces the Hyundai Sonata and Santa Fe.

Where are Hyundai cars made in North America?

Opened in 2005, HMMA is the sole manufacturing facility owned by Hyundai Motor Company employing approximately 3,000 people. Located in Montgomery, Alabama, the facility marked the official start of production with the 2006 Sonata in May 2005.

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