The fiscal power and the fiscal horses of the cars

The fiscal power and the fiscal horses of the cars

Welcome to, where you will find all the information you need about fiscal horsepower and fiscal horsepower of cars. In this article, we will solve your doubts about how they are calculated, what they are and what they are for. We will also provide you with useful tools such as calculators and converters to make these calculations easier.

What is fiscal power?

Tax power is a concept used in many countries to determine the tax that must be paid for the ownership and use of a vehicle. This is an administrative measure that has no direct relationship with the real power of the engine. The fiscal power is expressed in fiscal horses and is used to calculate the amount of the circulation tax.

How is tax power calculated?

The tax horsepower calculation varies by country, but is generally based on engine displacement and other factors such as number of cylinders and technology used. In some places, the maximum engine power is also taken into account. Each country has its own formula and table of equivalences to determine the fiscal power of a vehicle.

What are tax horses?

Fiscal horsepower is a unit of measurement used to express the fiscal horsepower of a vehicle. Although the term horse can be misleading, it has no direct relationship to the actual strength of a horse. It is simply a way of quantifying the administrative horsepower of an engine for tax purposes.

What are fiscal power and fiscal horses used for?

Tax horsepower and tax horses are mainly used to calculate the road tax for a vehicle. The higher the tax power of a car, the higher the amount of tax to pay. In addition, the fiscal power can also influence other aspects such as the price of insurance or movement restrictions in some cities.

calculators and converters

At, we want to make it easier for you to calculate the fiscal horsepower and fiscal horsepower of your car. For this reason, we offer you tools such as online calculators and converters. These tools will allow you to enter the necessary data, such as displacement and other engine details, and quickly and accurately obtain the corresponding fiscal horsepower and fiscal horsepower.

Frequent questions

1. Is the fiscal power the same as the actual engine power?

No, tax horsepower is an administrative measure used for tax purposes, while actual engine horsepower refers to the strength and performance of the engine. The fiscal power is not directly related to the real power and may vary according to the legislation of each country.

2. How can I know the fiscal power of my car?

To find out the fiscal power of your car, you can consult the vehicle documentation, where it should be specified. You can also use our online calculators and converters, entering the necessary data to obtain the corresponding tax power.


In summary, the fiscal horsepower and the fiscal horses are concepts used to calculate the circulation tax of a vehicle. They are not directly related to the real power of the engine, but they are important to determine the amount to pay and can influence other aspects related to the car. At, we offer you useful tools such as calculators and converters to facilitate these calculations. Feel free to use them and share your comments and experiences with us!

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