how many cars has rivian sold

how many cars has rivian sold
Rivian production and sales results - Q2 2022 So far this year, Rivian produced almost 7,000 electric vehicles, and sold close to 5,700. Rivian YTD results: Production: 6,954. Sales: 5,694.

How many cars has Rivian manufactured?

The company produced 4,401 vehicles at its manufacturing facility in Normal, Illinois and delivered 4,467 vehicles during the same period. That brings the total of vehicles produced by Rivian to 7,969 since the start of production late last year.

How many cars Rivian has sold?

Rivian has only manufactured and produced a little less than 7,000 EVs for the entire year and sold 5,694. The company still hopes to sell 25,000 vehicles by the end of 2022.

How many Rivian cars have been delivered?

O) delivered 4,467 vehicles in the second quarter, nearly four times more than the preceding quarter, as the electric-vehicle maker benefited from a ramp-up in production and strong demand.

Did Rivian sold any cars?

Rivian, the buzzy electric vehicle company backed by Ford and Amazon, reported a net loss of $1.59 billion in the first quarter of 2022 based on $95 million in revenue. The company said it delivered 1,227 vehicles to customers during the past three months, bringing its total number of deliveries to 2,148.

How many cars did Rivian deliver?

The earnings report comes on the heels of a positive production update in which Rivian said it made 4,401 vehicles during the three-month period, a 72 percent increase over the previous quarter, and delivered 4,467 vehicles, a 267 percent increase.

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