where to buy jdm cars

where to buy jdm cars
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Can you buy JDM cars?

Today, the GT-R and other JDM cars are easy to find and buy in the U.S., thanks to DOT/EPA exemptions for importing 25-year-old vehicles. In Japan, meanwhile, motor vehicle regulations can make owning an old car expensive, and so there is a ready export market for the cast-offs.

Can you still buy JDM cars?

Are people still importing JDM cars? Yes! While not as big a scene as it once was the JDM market has become more specialised and focused on the ultra-desirable and rare models sold only in the Japanese market, like early examples of the Nissan Skyline or Honda Integra Type R.

Are JDM cars legal?

Are JDM cars legal in the US? Only JDM cars older than 25 years of age are street legal in the US. All others cannot be driven on the road. It may be frustrating for JDM car lovers, but the '25 year rule' has been in place for many decades.

Can you buy JDM cars in the US?

JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market and it's one of the many different categories of cars we sell at Duncan Imports & Classic Cars. Our classic car dealership in Virginia has a large inventory of JDM cars for sale in the U.S., making it easy to find the Japanese Domestic Market car and JDM car parts you need.

What JDM cars are legal this year?

Nissan Stagea (WC34) Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV (CN9A) Toyota Mark II (JZX100) Nissan Cima (Y33) Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (J90) Nissan Skyline GT-R (R33) Honda NSX Type-R. Honda Integra Type R (DC2)

Can any cars be JDM?

Oftentimes, people will refer to all Japanese cars as JDM, even if they are sold in the United States. This is a misconception and you must understand the difference. If a car is made in Japan and sold on the international market in the United States, Europe, or elsewhere, it is not a JDM car.

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