Autodoc Plus and Autodoc Club: Everything you need to know

Autodoc Plus and Autodoc Club: Everything you need to knowArticle on Autodoc Plus and Autodoc Club


Welcome to our article on Autodoc Plus and Autodoc Club. In this text, we will provide you with all the information you need about these platforms, as well as the conditions of use, how to contact and answer any questions you may have. Read on for all the details!

Autodoc Plus: The trusted platform for your spare parts purchases

Autodoc Plus is an online platform that offers you a wide selection of spare parts for your vehicle. With Autodoc Plus, you can easily find the parts you need and shop safely and conveniently. In addition, you have the guarantee of receiving high quality products at competitive prices.

Autodoc Club Terms of Use

If you are interested in joining the Autodoc Club, it is important that you know the conditions of use of this platform. Autodoc Club is an exclusive service for Autodoc Plus customers, offering additional benefits such as special discounts, fast shipping and access to exclusive promotions. To join the Autodoc Club, you simply have to register on the platform and accept the conditions of use.

Contact with

If you need to contact to resolve any doubt or query, you can do it in several ways. You can call the customer service number that you will find on the website, send an email or use the contact form available on the platform. The Autodoc team will be happy to help you with whatever you need.

Help in configuring the Autodoc Club

If you need help setting up your Autodoc Club account, don't worry. The process is very simple and will only take a few minutes. Once you have signed up for Autodoc Plus, you will be able to access your account and you will find the option to join the Autodoc Club. Follow the instructions provided and in a few steps you will be able to enjoy all the benefits offered by this exclusive platform.

Autodoc Privacy Policy

At Autodoc, we take our customers' privacy very seriously. For this reason, we have a privacy policy that guarantees the protection of your personal data. You can consult our privacy policy on the website, where you will find all the detailed information on how we collect, use and protect your data.

General terms and conditions for all orders in Autodoc

Before placing any order at Autodoc, it is important that you read and accept our general terms and conditions. These terms and conditions set out the rules and conditions that apply to all purchases you make on our platform. We recommend that you read them carefully to avoid any misunderstanding or problem in the purchase process.

Merchandise return portal in

At Autodoc, we want to make sure you're happy with your purchases. For this reason, we have a merchandise return portal at If for any reason you need to return a product, you can access this portal and follow the steps indicated. Remember that there are certain conditions and deadlines for making returns, so we recommend that you consult our return policy to obtain all the necessary information.

How to cancel an Autodoc order according to the Forocoches forum

If you have placed an order in Autodoc and need to cancel it, you can follow the instructions provided by other users in the Forocoches forum. In this forum, you will find experiences and advice from other customers who have had to cancel orders in Autodoc. Remember that it is important to act quickly and contact Autodoc customer service to request the cancellation of your order.

How to make a claim to Autodoc

At Autodoc, we strive to offer the best service to our customers. However, if at any time you are not satisfied with your shopping experience, you can make a claim. To do this, we recommend that you contact our customer service, who will be happy to help you and solve any problem you may have. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the benefits of joining the Autodoc Club?

Joining the Autodoc Club gives you a number of exclusive benefits, such as special discounts, fast shipping and access to exclusive promotions. In addition, you can enjoy personalized service and priority attention from our customer service team. Do not miss the opportunity to be part of this community of car lovers.

2. What is the deadline to make a return in Autodoc?

The term to make a return in Autodoc is 30 days from the date of receipt of the product. It is important that the product is in perfect condition and in its original packaging. If you meet these conditions, you can request a return through our merchandise return portal at


In summary, Autodoc Plus and Autodoc Club are platforms that offer you a wide selection of spare parts for your vehicle, with exclusive benefits and quality customer service. If you need more information about the conditions of use, how to contact, help configuring the Autodoc Club, the privacy policy, the general terms and conditions, the merchandise return portal, how to cancel an order or make a complaint, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you in everything you need.

We hope this article has been useful! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. We would love to hear your opinion!

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