Anamnestic license certificate: cost and all the details

Anamnestic license certificate: cost and all the details

What is a driver's license history certificate?

A certificate of medical history is nothing more than a medical certificate that confirms a person's fitness to drive. In the particular case of a driver's license, the certificate certifies that the person in question does not use drugs or abuse alcohol.

Law 120/2010 certifies that the certificate is required for both the issue and renewal of a driving licence. In addition, the anamnestic certificate is necessary to drive not only cars, but also motorcycles and boats.

Where to make the certificate of anamnestic license?

The certificate of medical history of the license can be made in several authorized doctors. The doctors authorized to issue the medical history certificate are:

  • Medical doctor/basic/ family doctor.
  • Legal doctors of ASL
  • Doctors of the Ministry of Health
  • Doctors on duty for the Fire Brigade, Police, Navy, Air Force and State Railways.

How much does a driver's license certificate cost?

The cost of issuing a medical certificate of pathology depends on where it is to be obtained. As usual, going to a public body can be more time consuming but less expensive, while the private sector costs more but has a more immediate procedure.

If you go to a doctor, the cost of a medical history certificate is around 100 euros. These fees are entirely at the discretion of the doctor and therefore can vary from one professional to another.

If you go to the ASL the cost of the anamnestic certificate is instead only 30 euros. We advise you to make large payments in advance because ASLs are often congested and receive large notices in advance.

How much does the medical certificate for the B-licence cost?

The cost of the medical certificate for the B license is exactly the same as for any other type of vehicle. Basically, the medical certificate for the license is another name for the medical certificate for the license.

To find out how much the medical certificate for the B license costs, we suggest you read the previous paragraph of this article.

How long does a driver's license medical certificate last?

Contrary to what many people believe, the medical history certificate does not have an unlimited duration or life. From the day it is issued, the medical certificate lasts for 90 days.

An expired medical certificate has no legal medical value and, therefore, it is necessary to show up at the licensing appointment with a medical certificate that is still valid.

What must the medical certificate contain?

In order to be valid, the medical certificate must contain a series of precisely and exhaustively listed data. The information that must not be missing is as follows:

  • Name and surname of the doctor
  • Qualification of the doctor and health centre
  • Purpose of the certification
  • Personal details of the patient/automobile driver
  • Place and date of issue
  • Signature and stamp of the doctor
  • Information on pathological and physiological history (also hereditary)
  • Personal details of the patient/driver

What documents are required to certify a driver's license?

To apply for a driver's license background certificate, you must present a valid identity document. Some doctors also require the presentation of a health card, but in theory it is not one of the necessary documents.

Basically, the doctor must be able to identify the patient to make sure he is visiting the right person.

Certificate of anamnestic Pdf

Instead of writing the medical history certificate form, you can download it at this link.

Remember that the certificate must be completed by your doctor, just bring it with you to the exam.

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