Nissan GT-R R35 vs GT-R R32: brain vs heart

As in many other occasions, the release of the magazine is accompanied by the publication of a video on the central theme. This time, the short film (available in 4K format and once again directed by the brilliant Luke Huxham) is about two very special cars filmed on one of Japan's most famous mountain roads, the Gunsai Pass.

One is a Nissan GT-R R35 with over 1,000bhp, while the other is a Group A Skyline R32 prepared and sponsored by HKS. Behind the wheel of both cars is NOB Taniguchi. The underlying idea is to show us the two possible ways to go fast and make ultra-efficient machines. The R35 is the triumph of the brain (high tech, electronics), while the R32 is a more classic and pure way (you have to rely more on sensations than on the electronics of the car).

If you can, watch it in 4K, with the sound almost at full blast and it will give you goosebumps. Yes or yes.

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